Jesse Vengrove

Recording Engineer

Jesse Vengrove setting up a mic

Jesse has worked as a recording engineer for a variety of  artists, in studios across New England. You can hear some of his work as an recording engineer on this playlist.

Engineering Playlist

Mixing Engineer

Jesse Vengrove Mixing at Mix One Boston

In addition to his experience as a recording engineer, Jesse frequently mixes albums, eps, and singles for a range of recording artists. You can hear some of his work as an mixing engineer on this playlist.

Mixing Playlist


Jesse Vengrove producing

Jesse has also produced many works, helping artists realize their full potential on their recordings. You can hear some of his work as an producer on this playlist.

Production Playlist

Studio Manager

at The Record Company

Jesse is the studio manager at the Record Company in Boston, MA. The Record Company is a non-profit studio that teaches recording techniques to learners of all ages.

The proliferation of affordable technology has created a great deal of opportunity in the areas of music and musical recording. Affordable music technology means that most youth, amateurs, and professionals now have personal access to a basic set of tools for creating, recording, and sharing music. Incredible to imagine that the basic functions of our mobile phones once required thousands of square feet of recording studio space. Despite what popular media teaches us, we know that one thing hasn’t changed: Music is about people. People make it, people listen to it, and no matter where the speeding technological freight train takes us, the future of the music and recording arts comes down to people.

Studio A
Record Company Studio B

Our mission is to teach and foster a collaborative recording process; to preserve the only part of the tradition that will never change: the people.

To the thousands of teens, college students, and aspiring professionals that come through our doors each year music means many different things. For some it’s an experiment or a hobby. For others it’s a potential or chosen career path. No matter what role music plays in our stakeholders’ lives, personal and professional development are at the center of The Record Company. Musical recording is the vehicle we use to get there.


To contact Jesse please email him directly.